Tisha Alyn Abrea

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Name: Tisha Alyn Abrea
Instagram: @tishaalyn
Web: www.tishaabrea.com

Meet tisha...

I was introduced to the game of golf by my father at the age of three. We would go to the driving range where I would sport my own set of plastic clubs. I learned the game quickly, and eventually fell in love with the game just like my father. It was a way my father and I could connect.

At the age of 6, I entered my first golf tournament. I was a year younger than the competition. On my first hole, I shot an 11 on a par four. I ran to my mom and dad on the sidelines crying and begging to forfeit, but they lovingly pushed me to keep going. At the end of the two day event, I finished fourth out of four players. From then on I loved the challenge. Two years later, I won that same event.

At the age of 8, I had become one of the best junior golfers in Illinois. I represented the state of Illinois in many national events and became one of the top junior players in America. During this time I competed against some familiar names within LPGA: Dottie Ardina, Alison Lee, and Lexi Thompson.

When I was 12 my family moved to Murrieta, California and my game took a turn for the worse. The competition was a wake up call for me and my confidence drained during a string of rough tournaments. I had nagging injuries, a swing that needed work, and I was under an immense amount of pressure. I questioned my abilities and my passion for the sport.

At the age of 16 I was introduced to a new swing coach- Cary Schoen, who was and still is known as the “Swing Doctor.” He changed my outlook on golf and on life. He rebuilt my swing from the ground up and he taught me to love the sport again. Carey imparted confidence through a new understanding of the game and his instruction led me to multiple victories, top finishes, and a college scholarship.

The ups and downs of my career have brought me to where I am now. I thank God for the trials of life that built a fire within me to endure and play this game for myself- no one else.

I golf because it is my passion. It’s where I’m at peace. I’m focused, determined, and ready to face my career as an LPGA player.