Name: Tania Tare

Occupation: Professional Golfer and Trick Shot Artist

Location: Kiwi now residing in SoCal!

Favorite Course: Makena Golf Course

Why did you start playing golf?

I started playing golf cause my step dad was so into it. He kinda dragged me out there and it didn't take me long to become a slave to the game


How did you get so good at trick shots?

Honestly, I guess just doing a lot of them. My family and friends would tag me in other people's tricks and ask me if I could do them so I'd go out and try them and post back. After a while I knew I wanted to make my own shots that people would tag others in the same way people did with me.


What advice would you give to someone who's trying to master the art of trick shots?

I'd probably just tell them like everything else in life, to get the basics down. Learn to bounce it confidently and learn the ball control part (like stalling the ball on the face and things like that). Once you have strong ability on those, creating tricks becomes way easier and your range of tricks you can pull off widens. 


What advice would you give to a female just beginning to play golf?

To keep it social. Find a foursome (whether it's guys or girls) that wants to go out as much as you and that you enjoy your time with. When I started, it was a standard thing for me to play golf every Sunday with my step dad and two of his friends. These Sunday games still happen when I'm home today and I still go to these people for my life advice (like I did back then).


What's your favorite shot to hit and your favorite trick shot move?

Either a flop shot or when I have to bend a shot. My favourite trick shot move is probably stalling the ball on the top of the club. Or the feeling I get when it goes in the cup at the end of a trick.


What's your favorite course?

My home course in New Zealand, Titirangi.


Besides trick shots, what's a cool story or hidden talent about yourself?

(Jeez Nikki this is the hardest question of all)... I have a company called Peasant. We do cashmere sweaters. (Nikki B's Note: Tania's company, Peasant Official, is an amazing cashmere sweater company you should check out here A woman who's a professional golfer, trick shot artist, and CEO?! GIRLBOSS GOALS!