Name: Maria Alvarez

Instagram Handle: @mariaalvarezmaui

Location: Maui, Hawaii

Favorite Course: Makena Golf Course

Why did you start playing golf?

I was a sales manager and had to find creative ways to close business. Golf worked almost every time and if I did not get a signed contract, I got to work on my game.


Why did you join WWD?

It is the best way to connect with other females who want to grow the sport. There are several girls I look up to. I got to meet many of them on the first TeamWWD outing. We had a blast and now I have friends for life!


What is your favorite shot to hit?

Chip shot. Practice on the yard few times a week.


What is your favorite golf apparel brand right now?

Lululemon, Nike and Puma.


What advice would you give to a woman just beginning to play golf?

Take lessons and only listen to your coach. Many people will try to help, especially on social media and it can get confusing.


Tell us a fun hidden talent or cool story about yourself :)

(Nikki B's note: Maria was being humble here- She is a Lululemon Brand Ambassador and teaches crossfit classes there once a month. In addition to crossfit, she enjoys yoga and competing in triathlons! She is also from Ecuador but now lives in Hawaii. And we are super jealous!)