Name:  Kat Lucky

Location:  San Francisco, CA

Occupation:  Software Developer

Favorite course:  Lake Chabot, Oakland, CA because of the unique design of the course and elevation changes. The 9th hole is a par 3 in which you tee off a cliff (yes a cliff!), the final hole is a par 6 and there are a number of shots where you can’t see where the ball lands because of the elevation changes.

Why did you start playing golf?

Sidelined by a long-term injury from running in August of 2015, I needed an outlet and golf turned out to be perfect. A friend had given me clubs, which I had never used, so I slung a couple clubs in a backpack, hopped on my motorcycle and went to the range. The mixture of being outdoors, and the mental challenges that I never received from running has me hooked.


Why did you join WWD?

The first WWD meetup in SoCal 2016 drew me because it promoted a group of fun women who shared a common interest in golf. I was the highest handicapper there and everyone treated me with respect and my abilities didn’t play a factor. Being around these women only encouraged me to share golf with more women. Through golf I’ve made so many more friends than I ever did with running or any other sport.


What is your favorite shot to hit?

My favorite shot is the one that feels effortless: the body is positioned perfectly to allow the arms to power through and has ‘that crisp sound’, you know the one I’m talking about. That sound that keeps you coming back for more.


What is your favorite golf apparel brand right now?

The majority of my golf apparel is JoFit. My favorite pants are JoFit because I can wear them to work and on the course making it easy to decide what to wear every day. JoFit and Skirt Sports make some cute skirts that I wear on the course.


What advice would you give to a woman just beginning to play golf?

First I’d say “Welcome!” and that “there are a ton of women who were at one point right where you are now and I was there just a year ago!”.

I’d encourage her to get out with a group of women (or men) on a par 3 nine-hole course as soon as she can hit the ball five times in a row at the range without missing. And that if she has concerns about slow play, that she has the option to pick up her ball and drop it in the fairway without a penalty. 

I tell people all the time that their round is their own practice… like a yoga practice and they can make it whatever they want. If they want to play by USGA rules, they can. If they want to just have fun and give themselves easy lies all the time or not putt out those 2 foot putts, that’s ok too. 


Tell us a fun hidden talent or cool story about yourself :)

Walking golf courses/USGA rules. In 2011, I started walking golf courses all over the Bay Area with a single digit handicapper during tournaments. During this time I learned the rules of golf even though I had never hit a ball with a golf club. Soon after picking up the game, I was playing with a golf instructor and her friends in a friendly scramble round, and one of the friends started quizzing me on how I would handle cart path relief. I went as far as to tell them which club they were able to use to measure ‘one club length’, then proceeded to tell them the times when they can have one club length relief and when they could have two club lengths relief (with penalty). You can ask me any rule. I’d love for you to stump me because then I can go look it up so I know the answer in the future!