Name:  Armana Chanel Christianson

Location:  Burbank, CA & Scottsdale, AZ

Occupation:  Professional Golfer

Favorite course:  Bayonet & Black Horse, Seaside, CA

Why did you start playing golf?

I started playing golf when I was 12. The only reason I picked it up was because my parents said we were going to try it out, it was something we could do as a family. Up to that point, I had tried every sport I could but as soon as I picked up a club, there was a piece that just came naturally. So I dropped everything else and that was that! I went from shooting over 100 my freshman year of high school to shooting below par my senior year. Haven’t looked back!

Why did you join WWD?

I joined WWD because in a world that is this competitive, it is so nice to have women supporting each other. Up until I joined WWD, I had never felt like women were truly cheering each other on or sticking up for each other. The ladies of WWD have been amazing and we all have a shared passion! 

What is your favorite shot to hit?

My favorite shot to hit is probably a green side bunker shot. When I’m in a bunker, all mechanical thoughts go away and it’s all feel and creativity! 

What is your favorite golf apparel brand right now?

I am really loving our partner JoFit. They have been so supportive and that Vortex skirt is to die for! Literally my favorite skirt I own. 

What advice would you give to a woman just beginning to play golf?

To women just beginning to play golf, I would say stick with it!  Try and find some other WWD members or a great group of women to play with and make it fun! After all, it’s just a game :) 

Tell us a fun hidden talent or cool story about yourself :)

Oh man! I hidden talent or cool story? Well, when I tried every sport imaginable before picking up golf I actually spent about 4 years and got my black belt in Tae Kwon Do. It was great for that competitive spirit and it was definitely male dominated, so maybe it even helped me get ready for the world of golf. I even won medals for sparring and forms in tournaments!