Name: Jessica Thulson

Instagram Handle: @jetty_jetjet

Location: From Durango, CO. Recently moved to Glenwood Springs, CO

Occupation: Social Studies Teacher

Favorite Course: Redlands Mesa -- Grand Junction, CO

Why did you start playing golf?

I started playing golf because my dad played college golf and always took my brother and I out to play as we were growing up.


Why did you join WWD?

I love how women are empowering themselves and other women through the game of golf. WWD highlights talented women who are making an impact in the world of golf.


What is your favorite shot to hit?

My favorite shot to hit is a wedge anywhere inside 100 years because it requires touch and is an important part of scoring well.


Favorite Golf Apparell Brand?

Nike all the way


What advice would you give to a woman just beginning to play golf?

For women just starting out I would tell them that enjoying the game is the most important part of the game. Sometimes I have noticed, from working at a golf course for years and helping out with beginners clinics, that beginners don't realize the enjoyment that comes with golf. Rather they focus on the frustration of the basics and the technicality. My dad always made sure we enjoyed the game but also learned as we played. 


What are some of your golf accomplishments?

I recently graduated from Fort Lewis College. I help start the Fort Lewis College Women's Golf program. It started out as a club team and I ran it, did recruiting for players, and worked on fundraising to travel to tournaments. After two years, FLC decided that this would be a good transition time to create a women's program. I played on the team for 2 years as captain and I won a collegiate even in Oklahoma in my second year. While I was in school, I wrote a thesis about the LPGA with a feminist lens and learned so much more about women empowering themselves through golf. I am now a graduate and received my degree in teaching. I am also going to be coaching men's and women's high school golf in Glenwood Springs, CO while I teach. I am also a two time club champion at Hillcrest Golf Club in Durango, CO. 


A fun hidden talent or a cool story about yourself:

 Growing up in Colorado, my dad also took my brother and I skiing. Even though winter time means no golf, skiing is one of my favorite winter hobbies.