Name:  Troy Mullins

Location:  Los Angeles, CA 

What got you started?

I started golfing my senior year of college. It was my semester abroad at Cornell University in Beijing, China. I was not running track that year and decided to pick up another sport, golf. Over the summer, home in California, I started going to the driving range and fell in love with hitting balls, so I bought a set of clubs and took them with me to Beijing. Every weekend I would bike to the only driving range miles away from Peking University. I was definitely a spectacle, a young black woman riding a bike through the rural outskirts of the city. Without lessons, I was able to compress the ball. Granted they did not always go straight, I was naturally able to hit the ball far. When I came back to the States I went to the range as often as I could-- I was hooked! 


What is your biggest area for improvement in your game today?

The mental game, period. 


What is your training regimen like for golf and fitness?

I work on my short game, putting and hit balls in the morning before I work. I always work on my core and either ride my bike or run twice a week. I have not lifted any weights since college track and field. I like to swing fast and free, and lifting would just slow me down. 


What began your desire to hit the ball far? 

When I first started golfing I only hit irons because the first time I ever hit a driver I broke the head off the shaft. I played golf without woods for an entire year after that. 


Is it something that came naturally to you or did you work hard to achieve distance?

Hitting the ball came naturally to me. I did not even know that I hit the ball far because I only played with men. It wasn’t until the first time I played with another female golfer did I find out that I hit the ball far. She told me that most women on tour only average 240 yards off the tee and I was driving it consistently 280.  I can now carry the ball over 300 yards, with my furthest measured driving distance being 337.


What are some things you do to hit it further?

I work on my tempo. I have found that I hit the ball farther at 60-70% percent, rather than 100%. Everyone thinks you have to swing as hard as you can, but it’s really about finding a smooth tempo and hitting the ball solid in the center of the club face.


What is your best piece of advice to someone who is trying to hit it farther?

Don’t try to kill it, just grip it and rip it!


What is your goal one year from today?

To be on tour and playing golf around the world. 


What would be your ultimate career achievement?

I want to be known as the Serena of women’s golf. 


Who/what is your favorite: 


I love reading (secret nerd). 



I could eat chinese food all day, everyday. 



“Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” by John Mayer


Any advice for young girls who are wanting to play golf? Advice for women just starting to play?

Be careful of who you take advice from. People always want to give unsolicited tips and pointers, especially to beginners, so It’s important to trust what you are working on. 


Best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?

Don’t care about what other people think of you. What other people think of you is none of your business.