July Influencer Opportunities

  • $100 Golf Galaxy gift card.
  • Addition influencer cash payment from WWD:

1,000 - 10,000 followers:  Gift Card Only
10,001 - 25,000 followers: $50.00
25,001 - 50,000: $75.00
50,001 and more: $100.00

  • Content needs to be wearing purchased clothing (cards can be used at a Golf Galaxy or Dick's retail store or online if necessary.) excluding Cobra/Puma products.
  • Requires 2 social content pieces.  As an influencer, you must make 1 post on your personal account and email 1 pic/video to WWD.  After initial post is made on personal account, the 2nd pic/video which you email to WWD must not be shared on social media before WWD or Golf Galaxy posts it.

  • You must pick a July content theme from the list below, please give your top 2 choices.

  • Personal post must made between July 1st and July 31st.

  • Email unique content to: nikkib@teamwwd.com

  • Deadline for emailing unique  to WWD content is July 15th.

  • Required hastags & handles: #TeamWWD #GolfGalaxy #sponsored or #ad @womenwithdrive @golfgalaxy (#sp and #spon are not acceptable.)

  • Use the gift card to purchase clothing.

  • Once your campaign is completed, please click here to request payment.

  • All content must be approved by Golf Galaxy.

  • See Golf Galaxy posting examples here:



Golf Galaxy Do's and Don't


  • Be creative.
  • Post must contain #ad or #sponsored in your caption.
  • Image/Video must clearly display full Golf Galaxy outfit.
  • Smile/Have fun show your excitement!



  • No selfies.
  • No clearance section clothes.
  • No visible competitor logos.
  • No bikini pictures.

July Content Examples

  • 4th of July themed picture/video
  • Summertime BBQ (No bikini pictures)
  • SoCal beach picture (No bikini pictures)
  • Tip Tuesday swing tip
  • Boomerang video on the course
  • Country themed (i.e., cowboy hat)
  • National Hot Dog Day - July 23rd (i.e., having a hotdog at the turn)

Please contact Nikki for questions or clarification

to apply, Please complete the form below

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