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November: Anna DePalma

Introducing our new "Golf Babe of the Month" program!  Each month we will select a #GBOTM to highlight with an emphasis on aspiring LPGA players.  As we peel the layers back, we hope you enjoy taking an inside look to their lives and passion for the game of golf.  Join us as we celebrate the beauty of the course and the "golf babes" that play it.

Please join us as we give a warm welcome to our November 2015 #GBOTM Anna DePalma!  Anna's journey started in beautiful Southern California, lead her to the islands of Hawaii (jealous!!) only to finish her collegiate career at the University of Iowa.  Anna has beauty, personality and a golf game to balance it all out.  She's got a great story to tell with a bright future ahead.  Give Anna a follow @depalma03 to support her career and watch her journey to the LPGA. 

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Our Interview with Anna:

Name: Anna DePalma
Age: 24
Home Town: San Clemente, CA
Day job: Professional Golfer and a member of Back Swing Golf Events.
Years playing: I have been playing all my life but did not truly get competitive until the summer going into High School.

What got you started?

My father got me started in golf. We have a condo out at Mission Hills Country Club so I have always been around the sport. My younger brother plays as well so we are constantly having family competitions.

What is your High school and/or Collegiate background?

In high school I played golf all 4 year on Varsity, 3 year Team Caption at San Clemente High School. I was constantly traveling and playing Jr. events every weekend which paid off because I got a scholarship to the University of Hawaii but after two year I transferred to the University of Iowa and graduated from there. Everyone asks California to Hawaii to Iowa what were you thinking but going to Iowa was one of the best decisions I have every made. GO HAWKS!

What is the best part of your game today?

The best part of my game is off the tee, I do not miss many fairways and I love my driver.

Biggest area for improvement or challenge of your game today?

The biggest area for me to improve is to make a better turn and to back off of shots if I am not completely committed. I have gotten better at it but there is still room to improve.

 How often do you play/Practice?

I play and practice almost everyday. I absolutely love being outside especially on the golf course.

What 1 or 2 things do you currently do in your training that are keys to your development?

Working with my mental and swing coach are keys to my development. I believe it is extremely important to not just work on the physical aspects of the game but also the mental side.

What is your biggest accomplishment thus far?

My biggest accomplishment thus far was getting a college scholarship to play golf.

What was the best advice you were ever given?

The best advice I was every given was "don’t get upset over things you can not control"

Do you have any recommended resources to share (books, seminars, coaches)?

I just finished a mental golf booked called Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect by Dr. Bob Rotella with Bob Cullen. I highly recommend this book it will give you a different perspective on life and the game itself. I also have in my opinion the best Mental and Swing Coaches out there, Jeff Trosech (mental coach) Mike Wilson (swing coach) I have been working with them since my sophomore year in high school. I love how they work together to help me achieve my goals.

What is your goal 1 year from today?

My goal 1 year from today is to improve my status on the Symetra Tour and to push myself past my limits. My mental coach always expresses to me "if you can get 1% better everyday then in 100 days you will be 100% better”.  That statement has always stuck with me.

What would be your ultimate career achievement?

My ultimate career achievement would be to get my LPGA card and to play on the Solheim Cup Team. It has been a goal/dream of mine since I was little to be a professional golf.

How do you calm your nerves when competing?

A friend gave me the advice called “Slow burn”. Slow burning is that you can not get extremely excited right away because nothing is going to happen right away. You have to get this burn built up (your anticipation) without getting too built up like as casual burn. When time gets closer to the tournament you slowly let the anticipation/excitement built up but still controlling it by letting yourself embrace the situation.

Who is your favorite athlete?

Serena Williams is my favorite athlete at the moment because of her determination.

Your favorte thing to do/hobby when you're not golfing

My favorite thing to do when I am not golfing is traveling, even though I typically am golfing when I’m traveling.I also truly enjoy cooking, I think that comes with being 100% Italian.

What is your favorite food?

I do not know if I have a favorite food, I will say I do love to eat. My top 3 favorite foods would be Sushi, Italian and Mexican.

What is the #1 most played song or band on your iPod?

My most played song on my iPod is Drunk in Love by Beyonce.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Nate Palmer.

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

My guilty pressure is Swedish fish. I do not really like sweets I am more of a salty foods girl but when it comes to Swedish fish it’s game over.

You can go anywhere in the world on vacation…where do you go?

I would love to travel to Europe!


See Anna in action:

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