Introducing our new "Golf Babe of the Month" program!  Each month we will select a #GBOTM to highlight with an emphasis on aspiring LPGA players.  As we peel the layers back, we hope you enjoy taking an inside look to their lives and passion for the game of golf.  Join us as we celebrate the beauty of the course and the "golf babes" that play it.

Please join us as we give a warm welcome to our January 2015 #GBOTM Alisa Diomin! Give Alisa a follow @alisadiomin to support her career and watch her journey to the LPGA. 

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January: Alisa Diomin

Our Interview With Alisa:

Name: Alisa Diomin

Age: 23

Home Town: San Diego, CA

Day job: Beverage Cart Girl

Years playing: 10

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What Got You Started?

My dad took me to the range with him when I was in middle school. I got interested in playing competitively after I finished college.

What is your high School/and or Collegiate Background?

I played for Torrey Pines High School where I was two-time winner of Rookie of the Year. I didn’t play in college. It was after starting college that I got serious about playing, but my school didn’t have a team. So I graduated early and decided to commit to golf full time.

Biggest Area For Improvement Or Challenge Of Your Game Today?

Precision with approach shots. And confidence/mental toughness.

Best Part of your Game Today?

I’ve done really good mechanical work on my swing this past year. So I am excited to get comfortable with it and shoot some low scores.


What Was The Best Advice You Were Ever Given?

Clip towels are actually really lame and classify you with people who use brush tees and Top Flite balls.

Do You Have Any Recommended Resources To Share (Books, Seminars, Coaches)?

I work regularly with my coach Matt Terzo at the Del Mar Golf Center. He is PGA certified and played professionally himself for a few years.  My favorite game-improvement book is Dr. Bob Rotella’s Golf is Not a Game of Perfect. (But it is a game of near perfect, Doc…)



How Often Do You Play/Practice?

Every day. At night I dream that I’m hitting balls on the range. Like actually a whole bucket of balls. I do some of my best swing work then.

What 1 Or 2 Things Do You Currently Do In Your Training That Are Keys To Your Development?

6 foot putts. Over and over and over and over. I also like to do self-affirmation exercises to develop confidence. This includes pep talks in the mirror and leaving myself notes, such as, “You are special” and “I love you.” Also weight training and cardio.

What Is Your Biggest Accomplishment Thus Far?

I hit the ball with the center of the clubface once.


What Is Your Goal 1 Year From Today?

I will go to Q School in August, so I hope that I will do well and make some money playing this year.

What Would Be Your Ultimate Career Achievement?

Winning on the LPGA.

How Do You Calm Your Nerves When Competing?

I try to think of golf like its my day job. Like if you work at an office you don't get emotional and nervous about your work. You take things as they come and its just a daily routine. Jahfeel? When you golf enough it shouldn't be any different.



Who Is Your Favorite Athlete?

Chubbs Peterson. It’s such a shame his career ended so soon.


Your Favorite Thing To Do/Hobby When You're Not Golfing

I like to paddle out in the ocean and pretend to surf while I get in everyone’s way and cut people off.

What Is Your Favorite Food?

Turkey. Why do we only eat it once a year?

What Is The #1 Most Played Song Or Band On Your IPod?

(iPod? Lol) Justin Bieber.

Who Is Your Celebrity Crush?

Young Tom Cruise.

Do You Have A Guilty Pleasure?

Clubbing baby seals and eating raw cookie dough :P

You Can Go Anywhere In The World On Vacation…Where Do You Go?

An empty warm beach with perfect waves! Indonesia? Costa Rica?

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