Introducing our new "Golf Babe of the Month" program!  Each month we will select a #GBOTM to highlight with an emphasis on aspiring LPGA players.  As we peel the layers back, we hope you enjoy taking an inside look to their lives and passion for the game of golf.  Join us as we celebrate the beauty of the course and the "golf babes" that play it.

Please join us as we give a warm welcome to our February 2016 #GBOTM Nikki B! Give Nikki a follow @nikkibgolf to support her career and follow her journey,

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February: Nikki B.

Our Interview With Nikki:

Name: Nikki B.

Age: 23 on February 16th!

Home Town: Sacramento, CA

Day job: Property Manager

Years playing: 10

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What Got You Started?

 I hated golf growing up! When I turned 13 however, I decided to quit basketball and theater to pursue golf. I think I wanted something different and something where I could shine on my own. Needless to say, my dad was on cloud nine! He never pushed me to get into it growing up, so luckily I ended up finding it on my own.

What is your high School/and or Collegiate Background?

 I played 4 years on my varsity high school team, with only 1 year of experience prior to entering high school. I was then lucky enough to play four years at Sacramento State.

Biggest Area For Improvement Or Challenge Of Your Game Today?

I would probably say my driver just because at 5’8”, I wish I hit it further! I hit it pretty straight though.


Best Part of your Game Today?

My chipping! I love flop shots and using all different clubs around the green, not just a sand wedge.


What Was The Best Advice You Were Ever Given?

”Keep smiling” from my grandpa. He really instilled in me that the best thing you can do is keep a positive attitude. I’ve found that karma really holds true- what goes around comes around. If you are a good, happy person, then good, happy things will happen to you!

Do You Have Any Recommended Resources To Share (Books, Seminars, Coaches)?

My coach Phil Dawson is amazing! He coaches some of the best junior players in the Sacramento region. He’s definitely a great coach/mentor who not only knows the golf swing, but knows how to listen and give great advice.


How Often Do You Play/Practice?

I would call myself a weekend warrior. I hope to eventually be lucky enough to make my blog and working in the golf industry my full time job!

What 1 Or 2 Things Do You Currently Do In Your Training That Are Keys To Your Development?

I love working out! I feel that when I do cardio, strength, and core work outs, my golf game improves significantly. I hit it further and I feel better all-around during my rounds. I also think that it improves my mental game- yoga is a good mental work out that transpires into positive rounds on the Course!

What Is Your Biggest Accomplishment Thus Far?

My biggest accomplishment thus far is starting my own blog! I knew I didn’t want to play professionally but I did want to keep golf in my life. I love writing and being on camera so it was a perfect way for me to combine everything I love. I think a lot of people get stuck and don’t follow their dreams-
I’m happy I’ve created this blog which will hopefully turn into a career one day!


What Is Your Goal 1 Year From Today?

My goal one year from today is that my blog will turn into my full time career.

What Would Be Your Ultimate Career Achievement?

My ultimate career achievement would be hosting a show on the Golf Channel and eventually making it to the Today Show! I watch Golf Channel and the Today show religiously.


Who Is Your Favorite Athlete?

Ronda Rousey! She’s a total badass and babe.

Your Favorite Thing To Do/Hobby When You're Not Golfing

Running/working out, blogging, Beeriokart, and finding good coffee shops!



What Is Your Favorite Food?

Pizza, hands down!

What Is The #1 Most Played Song Or Band On Your IPod?

Currently- Hands to Myself by Selena Gomez. It’s so catchy! I’m mainly a country girl though. I
Love Brett Eldredge’s entire new album Illinois. I could listen to his dreamy voice all day. Thomas
Rhett is on fire right now too!

Who Is Your Celebrity Crush?

It’s a tie between Ryan Reynolds and Brett Eldredge. Scott Eastwood is also very dreamy!

Do You Have A Guilty Pleasure?

A good Moscow Mule! And chocolate, of course.

You Can Go Anywhere In The World On Vacation…Where Do You Go?

Where wouldn’t I go?! Turks and Caicos, Tahiti, Australia, Santorini, Ibiza…the list goes on and on!

GBOTM Gifts!

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