Swing Caddie SC200 -  $60 off with WWD Discount

Information is key, that is true in life and everyone knows how important it is in golf. Carry distance, swing speed, ball speed are all vital to the game of golf and most golfers don't have any idea their own stats.... The Pros do. The problem is until now the only way to get those stats were to use machines that could cost $25,000 in indoor facilities. 


The Swing Caddie SC200 is small enough to fit in your golf bag, it works at the range, the course or in your backyard. All for an amazing price that makes it affordable to the regular golfer. The chance to get all the information that the pros get on a regular basis is finally available. 


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Nakoma Golf Resort Retreat Weekend


Nikki B is hosting one at Nakoma Golf Resort in Clio, CA September 29th-October 1st! This retreat weekend includes golf, lunch, dinner, YOGA, hiking, and an optional SPA treatment! All of this starting at $400 and only 19 spots available! You won't want to miss this event- sign up HERE today!




We are so excited to announce that we are going to the Evian Championship in Evian Les Baines, France, in September, along with another WWD member, Amanda Robertson! We will be taking over their social media accounts, conducting interviews and behind the scenes footage on Facebook Live and alllll of our Instagram accounts. We can't wait to take you along with us! Follow Evian Championship on Instagram now to make sure you don't miss out on all of the action!



We're teaming up with @GolfChannel every week for #WomenCrushingItWednesday to show you ladies who are absolutely CRUSHING IT 🙌🏼😍❤😚


New Member Spotlight

We are so happy to have recruited Troy Mullins, aka @trojangoddess. She is such a LADYBOSS, not only because is she super fit and a World Long Drive Competitor, but she began golfing AFTER college! She is the perfect example of how you can start golfing at any age! To read her story, click here!


Steals & Deals

We are ❤ing our valued partner JoFit's jackets right now! They are a perfect staple for golfing in the cold winter weather. Remember, as a WWD member, you get 30% anything from our page! Goto the member's perks page to take advantage.  Not a member yet? Join Here

Did you see our feature in JoFit's newsletter? We picked out our favorite pieces from their new Napa collection which consists of deep blues and hot pinks. Such a fun combo! If you missed it, you can still read it here!




Swing Tips w/ Nikki B.

Nikki B gives you a rotational swing tip this week and tries to be funny. Did it work? No? Thought so.



Our goal is simple...grow the number of women playing golf.  Our movement is focused on empowering millennial female golfers through initiatives that encourage women to connect both on and off the course.  

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Off the course:  Through our partners at GolfMatch App, we created female-only communities based on location and interest to help women connect with one another in a variety of ways.  Every golfer is different, so helping you find your niche within the golf world is crucial.  Tap HERE to join a community today!

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